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Thats all I can say right now. For those of you who dont know, I am a NESkimo's fan. A big one. I like how they take old school NES stuff, like Mega Man 2's Bubble Man, and turn it into ROCK. Well recently they performed at PAX, the Penny Arcade Expo.

And they did 12 new songs.

11 of those songs are pure ROCK. (The first track I dont really like).

See, before the expo, they did a special show up in St Augustine, and played the set. A guy who is part of the forum went and recorded the tracks, and after the show posted em. I downloaded em this morning, and now, and I am full of Ninten-ROCK.

Here is a link to the post. If you want to check out the tracks, right click and choose Save As on the link.

My suggestions?

Port Town, Zelda Darkworld, and Castlevania 2.


Even if you dont like NES music, but like Metal/Rock, check this stuff out.

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Blinded By The Light!

I got a big list of songs I want to find. Why do I want these songs specifically? Well, I hate the vocals (but then again I always hate vocals) but I like the actual music. Most people would find this "nu metal" annoying, and I feel thats because of the whiney vocals.

Although, some bands I like the vocals on because they are full of anger, and meat! Sevendust is a good example of this :P

Collapse )

Stuff with the * is stuff I like the vocals on that I can remember :P Its an odd list, made up of stuff that I find listening to Last FM. For those of you who dunno what that is, its an online music community / radio station. You cant download the songs (Sadly) but can listen to stations made up of similar artists or tracks. Its very much like the radio. You can skip forward but cannot go backwards :P

Name on there is Stomphoof, if you are curious.

My other news can be found in my other journal, spirit_of_silva. If you are interested in my rage, go read that :P I dont feel like marring the happiness of this place with it.

Been workin on my alt with da wifey, commenting. Its fun! Although I am a bad healer. Then again, I am trying to be a shadow priesty not a healy priest :P Screw healin, thats what my Shammie is gonna be for! :D

Today promises to be filled day at work (not really). IN guitar news, I can pretty much move between the three chords I know now without problem, although sometimes I get a little hung up. Its time for the next lesson! THIS WEDNESDAY, I WILL ROCK!
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Morrowind, Lisa Nowak, and PIE!

BEHOLD! My shiny-ness is awe inspiring! Or something like that! Yesterday I was so bored at work I started to look up old PC games I have played and enjoyed. One of the big ones, was Morrowind (Elder Scrolls Three). I happen to own the Game of the Year edition, which includes the 2 expansions for the game, Tribunal and Bloodmooon. Which I have honestly never ever made it to 0_0

The game is massive. Like CRAZY massive. I think the main Morrowind storyline is like 40 hours of gameplay, although, because of the open ended game play, if you know exactly what you are doing you can beat the game in 7 minutes supposedly. I have never done it, nor will I!

Where is the fun in that?

Anyway, I reinstalled it this morning, and went to play, and MAN! I thought that My wifes old PC would run it better then the Laptop...but I guess I was wrong. I still had to run it in 800x600 resolution. I think however that my adding mods to the game might have messed that up. I am gonna disable em and play Vanilla Morrowind. Who needs exploding arrows?

Ok I do, so I am gonna leave THAT one in. BOOM BABY!

I need to come up with a good skillset for my character. I want to play a sneaky stabby shooty kinda guy. I love to sneak about. *sneaks about sneakily*

For those of you who have never played Morrowind:

Your class is made up for 5 major and 5 minor skills. These skills are what "define" your class. Here is the kicker.

You can make your own class. I already have a name and concept for mine.

"The Everyday Man"

Description (And yes, you can type this into the game as well!)-

The Everyday Man is just that, one of those everyday folks. At least, that is what he wants you to think. The Everyday Man is, in reality, an accomplished sneak, spy, and assassin. Specializing in blending in with his surroundings, he deals in death and information. Generally, the Everyday Man excells as ranged combat, knife combat, stealth, and persuasion, and even dabbles in magicks. Able to get what he wants by any means needed is what the Everday Man is all about.

And he does it well.

So basically I am looking at for my major skills - Sneak, Enchantment, Mysticsm, Persuasian, Security. These are my BIG skills. The ones I intend to use or need to have the ability to speed level up.

My minor will be - Short Blade, Marksman, Light Armor, Merchentile, Restoration

I put my combat skills as minor so they get a small boost, and can level up fairly quickly.

Wow this post is long 0_0

In other news: Lisa Nowak scares the crap outta me. Did you know they are in hearings, right now, to possibly remove her ankle monitor? That would be nuts! Removing that would unleash her mighty large hair UPON US! FLEE!
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Developments and Madness

Firstly, I wont be going to the Jethro Tull concert.

The seats have already filled mostly up, and the available ones are far in the back. Makes me sad, and I aint paying $70 bucks to be in the nosebleed section.

Ah well, thats life. That money has gone instead to the debt fund :D

Other News! :D

I am going to use my old journal, spirit_of_silva for doing Paid by Post stuff. That paid to blog stuff. Since its been around a while. I am also gonna Xpost stuff from here, there, so that way, I can keep 2 journals up.

The main journal is this one of course ;) And once this journal gets old enough I am gonna use it for everything. However, for the time being, the other one will get SOME Loving, just to make me some cash and such ;)

Now I just gotta figure out how to work with PayPal. Does anyone know if you can setup a paypal account without attaching a credit card or bank account to it?
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Don't Stop...Believing!

Hrmmm beefy :P

Well I am at work..again. Booooo. So, lets see...what to report.

Well, Sunday I went and got my guitar "setup". Got a new set of strings, got the action lowered, as well as having it cleaned and made shiny and new! :D

Got a spare set of strings while I was there, and showed this guitar to my roomate, meeperie. She had business with Cheap Guys, gettin a gig of ram for her PC.

Anyway, the guitar in question was this - ESP F50. She called it the DEVIL GUITAR! And yes, it was the Red Model that I showed her. I rather like the body type. I find that I am liking the Ibanez guitars, and the ESP guitars...

In other news: Been playing Tales of Symphonia alot lately. Dear god, one of the characters, Presae, is so overpowered its not funny!

One of her basic special attacks, Beast, does 1400 points of damage between 2 hits! 0_0 No other attack at the level my characters are at can do that. AND IT KEEPS GETTING STRONGER! 0_0 The downside is the attack is 2 hits. The first hit does between 200-300, and the second does 1000-1200 points depending. It also blows the target away across the screen.

But god, I beat a boss in under a MINUTE just spamming that. It was harsh :D

So, I am thinking of doing the sponsered LJ thing...but I gotta make sure my journal hits 3 months old and stays active first. However, by doing this, I can make some money that I can use to help pay off my debts. OR use it soley as "Fun Money". Either way, it would be a help.

Hrmmm boooorrrreeeedddd...

I need more shinies.

Like this shiny

Thats the ESP F50.
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Friends only? Not Anymore!

Ya know, I was sitting here, and I got to thinking.

Why is my journal friends only? Why shouldnt I share my shiny thoughts with everyone? I remember the reason my last journal was friends only, and it involved an ex of mine. She had written in her old LJ (which I think is gone by now), a literal 5 paragraph essay on why she thought I was a jerk. I ended up making a friends only journal because I wanted to be safe.

But ya know, now, I dont care! I am married, happily, and I love my wifey :D That freak of an ex can find me for all I care now, and she will stare and be in mute amazement.

So from now on, this journal is open! Cause Shinies should be shared! Its the first rule of Shinies! *nods sagely*

In other news, I found that the Sam Ash on Coloniel will do "setups" of a person's guitar. Basically they check the strings, stretch em a bit, check the neck bend, intonation, they oil everything and clean it up, and if I want they can also restring it. Oh, and tune of course. All that for $25 bucks, plus the cost of strings if I want them to restring it.

Gonna be doing that on Sunday to make sure my guitar is setup right. I know its got some fret buzz and if I can get rid of that I will be MOST pleased :D

Ya know, I hate being at work on Saturday's. I would rather be at home, practicing my chords and playing Tales of Symphonia. To be honest, I got the placement down. I know which fingers to use, and all that. I can strum the chords without hitting extra strings. My issue now is switching from chord to chord. I figure with a few more nights (I usually practice for 20 minutes right now, thats how long it takes till my fingers are really sore), I can get the switching down. If not, then I will practice it for another week. I figure I will have to, since malcho doesn't ever seem to have time to practice :P hehe

In gaming news! Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition is coming out. I am honestly not sure how I feel about it. I felt that 3.5 was a perfectly fine edition in all honesty. I mean, I didn't like the changes to haste (I love me some haste) but the other changes to the system I found perfectly fine and balanced. Why change something that is already fine the way it is?

You know why? Money. They want more money.

Its Capitalism. Its been, what, like 6+ years since 3.0 came out. They did the revision, and now its time for the new version. But for people like me, unless the new version really really WOWs me, I will be sticking with 3.5

Of course, my inner geek my go "OMG AWESOME CHANGES" and just eat it up.

Time will tell.

Holy crap I just realized how long this post really is! WALL OF TEXT CRITS YOU, the READER FOR 20k damage. Make a Fort Save! BOOYA!

OH! I got a bit of a review of a book!

I just finished The Golden Compass: His Dark Materials Book 1 last night. I can see why the religious community may hate the book honestly. But if you want something that is fantastic yet slightly grounded in reality I would suggest checking it out. I happened to purchase the whole triology in a boxed set, and am currently reading the second book, titled The Subtle Knife I don't really wanna post a mega spoilerific review, but suffice to say I really enjoyed the first book.
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Based on LOOKS ALONE, which of these guitars do you like? I am curious as to the tastes of you people ;)



Ibanez ARX320

Ibanez S470DXQM

Washburn Idol 14

PRS SE Paul Allender Signature Model

Ibanez SA120

Which do you like the most? Based on looks alone? Unless you play guitar then you can go more in depth of course ;)

Oh yea, I am looking for one of you Icon Makers out there, if you can, to make me a Guitar/Rock icon :) Something snazzy and shiny of course ;) If you can?
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Whats this? ANOTHER POST FROM ME?! Dear god, I am actually USING LJ!

How odd! 0_0 I guess this is what happens when I get bored.

Anyway, Jethro Tull, one of my alltime favorite bands, is coming to Orlando's Bob Carr Performing Arts Center on December 10th. I am intending to purchase my tickets as soon as possible, and get the night off. I cannot wait! :D I am gonna mention this to my mother, cause she might wanna go, and see if I can get ahold of a video camera for the event (for Youtube Goodness).

OH yea, its gonna ROCK and or ROLL! Martin Barre, and Ian Anderson are 2 of the people who have got me wanting to learn the guitar for one thing. The other group is the NESkimos :P

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*slaps self*

I really need to stop lookin at Guitar stuff when I am bored.


You see, I like the guitar I have, but its not the exact sort I would want, honestly. After doing alot of research (both online and in store) I have found that I am particular to Ibanez guitars.

And today, I found one that has the shape, color, and setup that I really REALLY like.

Of course, its $400 bucks...but has that BillMeLater thing going on... God I should be good, and avoid getting it until I learn enough guitar to warrant a new one but...ITS SO PRETTY!

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So, I mentioned previously that I was intending to learn guitar from a DVD learning system, along with malcho. Well, we picked up a copy of Fender Presents: Getting Started on Electric Guitar -- A Guide for Beginners, and have started to learn from it. Thus far, we have learned 3 so called "Power Chords". I can't really remember why they are called Power Chords, but it sounds POWERFUL! *rocks out*

I know E5, A5, and D5. I, and I hope Malcho, are going to practice these 3 chords and changing between them so by next Wednesday, we are ready to move forward on the DVD. I SHALL ROCK HARDER THEN HE!

Today is going to be a boring day I can see it now. BOOOORRRRIIINNNGGG. Oh well. Such is life. I will just sit around being bored or something :P Perhaps I shall write up a little practice system so I can practice moving from chord to chord. *nods sagely*

I need to find a PDF Copy of Aberrant D20. For those who do not know, Aberrant is a Super's RPG System, and they have a D20 version of it. I really want to get a look at it. But I dont wanna purchase it. I R CHEAP! *nodnod* So if ya can get one for me, let me know :P

I went and saw Rush Hour 3 last night as well. That was actually better, in my opinion, better then the previous 2. Really funny.

Lets see, anything else.... OH! Been playing Tales of Symphonia again. I love that game. Also, Me and my Wife are still waiting for the new PC to ship so I can actually enjoy playing WoW again :P
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