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24 September 2007 @ 11:08 am
Man, I need to not be so damn lazy.  
Seriously. I really need to NOT be so lazy. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I did not exercise. Friday it was cause of the cramps and stomach issues. Saturday I just didnt feel like it, last night I had company over and was playing DND.

Tonight, I WILL EXERCISE! I have to. I need to lose weight, and build muscle. Silly me, wanting to get fit AMIRITE? :P

I have started a DnD game up again. My roomate isil_elen/meeperie and my friend malcho are the two people playing. malcho is playing a Spellthief from the Complete Adventurer book, and isil_elen/meeperie is playing a Soulknife from the Expanded Psionics Handbook.

Some funny things that happened in the little bit we played.

Currently they are in a ruined Temple. So far, they have found a secret door which lead down to a burial chamber/tomb, and from there found another door down to a level with 2 labs and a storage room.

First, a bit of background. Spellthieves are like rogues, ie they can disarm traps, and open locks, and that sort of thing. The Labs are shaped like this -

The trap in the floor was an Inflict Light Wounds trap, Will save DC 11 for no damage. Search DC 26 to find, and Disable Device DC 26 to disarm. It took them a good 5-6 trips or more before he FINALLY disarmed it :P And each of them got zapped at least once by this simple trap. 1d8+1 damage GO GO!

Now, the Door Trap on the storage room. Specifically it was the door handle, and it was a special Shock Trap that did 2d6+1 damage upon contact. Well, our intrepid Spellthief grabs the handle....ZAP! I rolled a total of 12 damage. Took him down to like 4 HP. HILARIOUS!

He could not for the life of him though find the trap. He didnt take 20 to search, and just kept rolling poorly. As far as his character was concerned, god had struck him for being stupid :P And his character has a 14 INT. Damn smart!

Well, the two of them (they are playing siblings (brother sister)), decide to BURN the door down! :P Its a wooden door, so they set fire to it, and then proceed to leave for the night. They come back to the next day into the Tomb Room above the labs to find one of the caskets opening itself and a skeletal hand reaching out. What does the Soulknife do? Break the hand off :P

They shut the casket and go downstairs. They fail the spot checks to see the OTHER caskets being opened slowly 0_0

Well, the door had burned down. Now, our Spellthief only had 18 HP. He goes, and tells me he is Rummaging through the debris. I roll a random chance to touch the trapped handle, it hits, and he gets electricfied for max damage. I then decide that such a huge shock sends him into convulsions.

On top of that, 4 Dire Rats come rushing out of the now opened room. They bite him down to -3 HP, and then he bleeds down to -8 before the Soulknife runs over and poors a pot down his throat.

The best part! His character is a dandy, so after they leave again (and have to fight thier way past the 2 zombies and the 2 skeletons that got themselves free), he takes a bath.

In a river. thats really cold, with like 4th degree burns from electicy. WITH SOAP.

He drops to 1 HP cause of the damage he causes HIMSELF with his scrubbing.

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