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Blood Sugar and PAIN

So, yesterday morning I tested my Blood Sugar. I didnt get a chance to really exercise on Thursday Night thanks to the storm, but eh, I did my walk around the complex here at work.

My Blood Sugar friday morning after my "experiment"? 130. Which, after reading a book my roomate isil_elen gave me, is right on the High Normal end of what I should be at. Like, 131 is HIGH. 130 is the border. Ok, so shakes are RIGHT out.

However, friday, I was not at work. Wasnt feeling great, and neither was da wifey. However, we both were feeling better in the evening and the 3 of us went to TGI Fridays, cause I had a $25 giftcard! :D

MISTAKE. I ordered this Bistro Steak Salad, and something was WRONG with it. I swear to god. After we left I start having really painful cramps. After an hour of it, with Pepto Bismol doing nothing, I finally decided whatever was doing this in my stomach was not gonna stay...and I induced vomitting.

Well it worked. Cramps went away after that garbage was removed. I also swear I will never do that again. UGH I HATE VOMITTING! My throat burns thanks to that 0_0

But on the plus side, the bad nasty shite that was causing me pain is GONE.

Also, today, blood sugar after Friday's meals (and no real exercise cept 1 lap around my apartments, which is a third of a mile), 124.

So, Exercise has a HUGE effect on my sugar.

Tonight, its weight lifting timez.
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