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Grrrr Nurts

I like the word NURTS. Its like NUTS only with an R to make it, well, more NURTY.


That is a good way to describe how I feel lately. Nurts. Not in my love life (Me and da missus are going strong) and not in my gaming life (Diablo 2 and WoW), but rather my health.

My blood sugar is back up again. I have no one to blame but myself really. I get this odd aches and pains now and I am starting to wonder if it might be because of my weight and the blood sugar issues.

SO! Its back to Rabbit Food and Working out after Work.

I am gonna start to try to walk a mile on the treadmill at our apartments. I am not sure if I should go 3 times a week, or 5... Maybe on the days I work.

Also, I learned 3 new guitar chords. E, A, and D Major chords.

They are not easy compared to the POWER CHORDS!

My stupid fat fingers have issues with the A Major chord. Another reason I need to excerise. I want to get under my 318! pounds. And yes, that is how much I weigh as of this morning, when I woke up.

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