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Dream Entry 2

Last Nights Dream -

So, I was in a big field out near my moms house, and then this huge snake pops up. I try to get away but I am not fast enough, and it bites my upper left arm and HOLDS ON.

My mom rushes out and I keep yellin at her that I cant move and to call 911 but she keeps trying to figure out a way to remove the snake. After about 10 minutes I start to be able to move somehow and I rip the snake off my arm, and tear its mouth in half, breaking its jaw so it cant bite effectively.

After that she finally calls 911, and the ambulance gets there, and finds out this is some sort of super highly venomous snake but for some reason I am feeling fine again. Turns out after some tests that my blood is highly anti-vemonatic (thats what they call it!). Basically, my blood is a natural anti-venom. Trippy.

After that it turns out that someone has been trying to kill Vince McMahon's family (the wrestler dude), and turns out I am related to him by like 4 generations ago :P I meet him and chat, and he asks point blank if I am gonna demand money and I tell him nope, the most I would do is maybe ask for some help with college so I can be a teacher, and to meet the wrestler and get backstage passes sometime.

Then I woke up 0_o
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