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Dream Entry 1

I am going to start writing my dreams down if I remember them :D

This entry will be the first. It was for last nights dream

So, I was in this bizarre dare I say Dystopian/Post Apocolyptic future world. I remember at the start standing on a level in this huge multilevel city that was against a bay, looking out to sea and seeing this huge raging storm. I knew, in my dream, that the storm never abated and the whole world was almost constantly assaulted by this storm. Like a giant hurricane. Turns out, in my dream, that this was Earth after some sort of horrible catastrophy. And in my dream, I was some sort of chosen person who would awaken the four elemental spirits and use their powers to cleanse the world.

I remember that the world was ruled over by a totalitarian queen, but I dont recall her name or even if she was named. I also remember that she did her best to keep me from succeeding. I was also the leader of the rebels (of course)

I know, in my dream, that I had already woken up the spirits of Air, Fire, and Water, and was going to wake up Earth.

Here is where it gets WIERD. The place were the Icon of Earth (not altar, ICON, that was what they were called), was hidden in a forest underground. In front of the hidden entrance, there was a Sci Fi shop, filled with relics of the past (basically Sci Fi City, only everything was a relic not actually something new). I had to go in, and I woke up the Spirit of Earth.

Then I did this huge mega cleansing ritual thing on a needle of land overlooking the turbulent ocean. I dont remember the details, only that I glowed alot :P

At the end of the dream the world was the way we know it now. And I remember that my dad and ann were working in a themepark making the worlds best gourmet popcorn (and I mean like they had bigger lines then the rides in the park).
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