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03 September 2007 @ 10:06 am
The Itch, and Other Things!  
Firstly, I figured out how to handle my itch. I am simply going to get a full scale adventure ready for the start of 4th ed. How will I do this, without a monster manual or anything? Simple! I will detail for the encounters what sort of monster and what level of challenge I want for each encounter, if I want a trap, ect.

Get the map work and such done first, so ALL I have left when I get the books are the monster blocks. Which, if I am to believe things, will be easy to do.

In other news, I got a new boardgame! Its a really fun game called Runebound!. In Runebound, players take on the role of heroes, and try to defeat the Dragon Lords. The basic win condition is to defeat a specific Dragon, named Maragath, or to collect 3 Dragon Runes (gained from beating OTHER dragons). I picked it up Saturday, and played with Jess and Dan on Sunday. Took 6 hours to complete the game 0_0. Although I am sure you could just split the game up over days if it took too long *shrug*

My only complaint, if any, would be the 6 hours it took. I ended up winning because, well, I said GO FOR IT and attacked the Dragons.

There is alot to the game. I mean A LOT. You can play up to 6 players, there is PVP (Which we tried, and I won that too :P), and a multitude of expansions.

The expacs are interesting. They either add new items and allies, new challenges, or new adventure variants (win conditions). I am gonna probebly pick a few up this weekend. Possibly friday night, not sure. They are cheap they are. There are also *big box* expacs which give you a new game board, new heros, and totally new missions.

Lots of playability, and the company that makes the game is still pumping out stuff for it to this day.
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