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Lets Get the Fire Tape Up!

I finally got ahold of the Aberrant D20 PDF (If you want a copy, I can email it to ya, just give me a private comment or something with your email). I am rather intrigued by how they work things. Its not as flexible as I would like a Superhero system to be, but it gets the job done. Instead of spells of course you have powers, and you have power points, a la Psionics. They do a good job of letting your characters start at low power and slowly get stronger and stronger.

Here is an exert, called the

Creating a Superhuman Character
“Superhuman,” also called “nova,” is an acquired template that can be added to any humanoid character (hereafter referred to as the “base character”). The base character retains all its statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Size and Type: Same as base character. Do not recalculate Hit Dice, base attack bonus, or saves.

Special Qualities: A nova retains all the special qualities of the base character and also gains the following.

Quantum: Determine the base character’s starting Quantum score as the modifier derived from the average of his Strength, Constitution and Intelligence scores (round down). The base character must have at least a +1 modifier to take the superhuman template. Subsequent ability increases gained from level progression do not adjust this total any further.
Example: Seth’s character, Deadbolt, has Strength 14, Constitution 15, and Intelligence 12. These three scores average to 13.7, which rounds down to 13. An ability score of 13 confers a +1 modifier. Thus, Deadbolt’s Quantum score starts at 1.
A character adds +1 to his Quantum score for every 3 core, prestige and/or superhuman levels he attains after the template is acquired.
A character also adds +1 to his Quantum score for every 2 aberrant levels he attains after the template is acquired (see Chapter Three, “Aberrant Level”).

Advanced and Innovative Super-Science: The base character can create super-science advancements and innovations (see Chapter Four).

Abilities: Novas are steadfast, unalterable and unyielding. The base character receives a +2 bonus to Constitution (applied prior to determining his Quantum score).

Skills: Same as base character, modified for new ability scores.

Quantum Powers: The base character has access to 1st-level quantum powers. He has one open power slot and gains one additional power slot every other character level thereafter. (So a character who takes the superhuman template at 1st level has one power slot immediately and gets another one at 3rd level, 5th level and so on.)
To purchase a power, the base character must spend a number of slots equal to the power’s level (see Table 4–1: Purchasing Quantum Powers). The power slot does not have to be spent immediately; the base character may save any number of slots during level progression, spending them later on any powers available to him. Refer to Chapter Four: Quantum Powers for details on purchasing and using powers.
The base character may spend 1 power slot on a superhuman feat or feat enhancement in place of a quantum power.

Superhuman Feats or Power Extras: The base character has access to superhuman feats. A feat gained through standard level progression can be spent upon a superhuman feat or feat enhancement, or upon a quantum extra (see “Power Extras” in Chapter Four). Alternately, the base character may spend 1 power slot to take a feat or feat enhancement instead of taking a quantum power (see above).

Superhuman Levels: The base character can take one or two additional levels in “superhuman” as a class to further realize his inherent potential (see below).

Level Adjustment: 0.

Interesting bit eh? I find it so myself. This is applied when your character "erupts". Generally an eruption is caused by a period of great stress, like getting stabbed or something :P

I am pondering doing an actual Forum based Play by Post for this, to try out both Forum based Gaming, and the Aberrant System. Gotta decide if I want to or not...
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