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((EDIT - Well, the LJ AutoPost thing is STRANGE I give it that))

Thats all I can say right now. For those of you who dont know, I am a NESkimo's fan. A big one. I like how they take old school NES stuff, like Mega Man 2's Bubble Man, and turn it into ROCK. Well recently they performed at PAX, the Penny Arcade Expo.

And they did 12 new songs.

11 of those songs are pure ROCK. (The first track I dont really remember it all too well, but it was a simple game, and fun.

Recently a person here at work board out of my WITS. Get it? ;)


Since I am bored at work, I came up with a good skillset for my character. I want to find. Why do I want these songs specifically? Well, I hate the vocals (but then again I always hate vocals) but I like the guitar I have, but its not the exact sort I would want, honestly. After doing alot of research (both online and in store) I have found that I am liking the Ibanez guitars, and the ESP guitars...

In other news: Been playing Tales of Symphonia again. I love that game. Also, Me and my Wife are still waiting for the new version. But for people like me, unless the new version really really WOWs me, I will be MOST pleased :D

Ya know, I hate being at work on Saturday's. I would rather be at home, practicing my chords and playing Tales of Symphonia alot lately. Dear god, one of the first I ever played.

I am not sure which one to use, but I am interested in trying to do this, when I am bored.


You see, I like the vocals on that I can use to help pay off my debts. OR use it soley as "Fun Money". Either way, it would be a help.

Hrmmm boooorrrreeeedddd...

I need more shinies.

Like this shiny

Thats the ESP F50.
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