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30 August 2007 @ 11:22 am
So, I tried the Bioshock Demo...  
And now I want the damn game. Seriously. Only Jan's new computer will run Bioshock, but thats ok cause I tend to be up in the mornings before her and I have time, if I wanted, to use her new PC.

And god the game is pretty. The setting, the sounds, everything is so interesting. I find myself wanting to know MORE. I am seriously considering droppin 50 bucks and buyin the damn things. I must decide... I hate making this sort of choice.

I mean its 50 bucks...but I make plenty of cash, but I am trying to save, but I really really really want to play the game all the way through...

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Current Mood: aggravatedARG!
Current Music: Sevendust - Burn