October 27th, 2007

Odd Stitch



Sorry for the lack of updates. Been busy with my other journals, and work. Recently, I got nominated for Employee of the Month, got a raise, and am schooling my coworkers on productivity :D

I love it :D

As for how I have been, I have been better. Quit WoW (reason on Spirit of Silva), and I pissed off a great deal of people with my last website review on my One Angry Gamer blog :D My PR on Spirit of Silva increased, meaning I get better Paid to Post opps, meaning more cashhhhhssssshhh.

I also bought FF 9 with my Postie Monies, and fully intend to get Chrono Cross next :D Perhaps if I get enough I can get a really nice guitar :D

Tomorrow is Guitar Hero 3 timez, and a new dresser for myself.

Yea this be a random post, but I have done 111 emails today (they want 56 a day) and schooled all my coworkers. I did 101 yesterday, double the next closest person.

I rule, that is all :D

In a few days, NANO will start. I am actually ready, got a little outline I am gonna follow, information on my plot, ect. I am gonna for the gold baby :D Maybe if I am lucky I can get it published.

Anything to make money and enjoy myself ya know?

Long post is long! I love being random. Lets see, what else can I say......

That amnesty crap is BS. Illegal Aliens are ILLEGAL FOR A REASON! The people on Capital Hill trying to get that law passed to make all Illegal Aliens legal is total bullshit, and I for one would never EVER support that nonsense. It makes all the people who worked hard to become legal null and void, and negates all the work they did. Its fuckin retarded.

That felt good to say! *rocks out*

This is now offically a post of chain of thought. I pissed off The RP Site today -

Most hilarious post EVER. Idiots. They would be sad to be a successful married happy man? :P Makes me wonder dont it?

Oh! There is a contest at work, and one of the prizes is a Nintendo Wii! I HOPE I WIN I WANTS A WII I DO! For da Earthboundz. OHYES

Do I miss WoW? Not really. I will start up again when Wrath of the Lich King comes out though. That should be enough time for that retarded troll to vanish.

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