October 9th, 2007

Odd Stitch

Godzilla Attacks!

Well not really, but I think some residents in Edgewood Florida are thinking that. Apparently several Monitor Lizards have been sighted. These are big and slightly dangerous lizards, and from what I know they are not native to Florida whatsoever. This amuses me greatly, but at the same time worries me. I am amused because of things like finding a lizard in your dryer (which happened) but worried because they could be breeding and spreading.


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Odd Stitch

The Ultimate Gaming Resource

Ok guys, I want some help. I have started what is called a Blog Carnival. What is this you ask? I AM GLAD YOU ASKED! *even if you didn't*

Basically its a place for people to submit posts from their own blogs on a specific subject, and then this listing is published in a central location for people to go and look around.

In my case, I started a blog carnival that I am calling "The Ultimate Gaming Resource" for all things related to gaming. Basically I want articles about games. ANY games. DND, Wargaming, Boardgames, Card games, MMO's, Console, PCs. If its a gaming article I want it.

Opinions, reviews, reports, news, all that jazz. :)

For more info, and to submit, click the link below!