October 6th, 2007

Odd Stitch

Bungie is FREE!

As there is nothing ever to do at work, expect to see stuff written in both my journals about various news stories that I see either on CNN during break, or read about via one of the hundreds of news sites, in addition to my normal inane chatter :)

Today, we are gonna talk about this: Halo Games Maker to Be Independent of Microsoft

Ok, basically the article talks about how Bungie, makers of HALO, are now seperate once again from Microsoft. For the game industry this is a huge deal. Halo has been Microsofts XBOX CashCow. Anyone can see that, as millions upon millions of people play it. Heck, I am not a huge fan of it and I have played it split screen with friends. While the story of it may be lacking Halo is one of the first major console shooters that was this widely successful. Some say it is the ONLY one in fact.

Microsoft has given up something that is worth massive amounts of cash, simply by letting Bungie go. By doing this, Bungie can now develop games for any system without restriction, and can develop any game they choose. Bungie has always made quality games, and while its not my genre, every FPS they have done has been amazing. They incorporate very interesting elements into them..

Time will tell how this effects the gaming world.