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Sorry for the lack of updates. Been busy with my other journals, and work. Recently, I got nominated for Employee of the Month, got a raise, and am schooling my coworkers on productivity :D

I love it :D

As for how I have been, I have been better. Quit WoW (reason on Spirit of Silva), and I pissed off a great deal of people with my last website review on my One Angry Gamer blog :D My PR on Spirit of Silva increased, meaning I get better Paid to Post opps, meaning more cashhhhhssssshhh.

I also bought FF 9 with my Postie Monies, and fully intend to get Chrono Cross next :D Perhaps if I get enough I can get a really nice guitar :D

Tomorrow is Guitar Hero 3 timez, and a new dresser for myself.

Yea this be a random post, but I have done 111 emails today (they want 56 a day) and schooled all my coworkers. I did 101 yesterday, double the next closest person.

I rule, that is all :D

In a few days, NANO will start. I am actually ready, got a little outline I am gonna follow, information on my plot, ect. I am gonna for the gold baby :D Maybe if I am lucky I can get it published.

Anything to make money and enjoy myself ya know?

Long post is long! I love being random. Lets see, what else can I say......

That amnesty crap is BS. Illegal Aliens are ILLEGAL FOR A REASON! The people on Capital Hill trying to get that law passed to make all Illegal Aliens legal is total bullshit, and I for one would never EVER support that nonsense. It makes all the people who worked hard to become legal null and void, and negates all the work they did. Its fuckin retarded.

That felt good to say! *rocks out*

This is now offically a post of chain of thought. I pissed off The RP Site today -

Most hilarious post EVER. Idiots. They would be sad to be a successful married happy man? :P Makes me wonder dont it?

Oh! There is a contest at work, and one of the prizes is a Nintendo Wii! I HOPE I WIN I WANTS A WII I DO! For da Earthboundz. OHYES

Do I miss WoW? Not really. I will start up again when Wrath of the Lich King comes out though. That should be enough time for that retarded troll to vanish.

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A Poll I hope you all Answer!

Please take a moment my friends to view this, and answer it. Please be honest.
I hope that I all of you view it and answer the questions.

It pertains to my blog, One Angry Gamer!

Poll #1069788 GamerPoll

Have you visited my new blog - One Angry Gamer?


Did you Favorites It?


Did you add it to your Feed Downloader?

Hell yea!
Fuck no!

If you have not visited, why?

If you did not favorites or feed it why?

What do you like or dislike about the blog?

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One Angry Gamer - Update!

Today's update for One Angry Gamer has been posted! Come check out my GM tip for the week! :D

In other news, I was thinking of paying the $10 for the year and getting the domain name oneangrygamer.net for my blog.

Why you may ask? Cause I am serious about trying to use this blog to enrich lives, and give my opinions (which are varied and colorful)

Feel free to pass the link around! Help me build some word of mouth traffic you lazy bums!
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The Ultimate Gaming Resource

Ok guys, I want some help. I have started what is called a Blog Carnival. What is this you ask? I AM GLAD YOU ASKED! *even if you didn't*

Basically its a place for people to submit posts from their own blogs on a specific subject, and then this listing is published in a central location for people to go and look around.

In my case, I started a blog carnival that I am calling "The Ultimate Gaming Resource" for all things related to gaming. Basically I want articles about games. ANY games. DND, Wargaming, Boardgames, Card games, MMO's, Console, PCs. If its a gaming article I want it.

Opinions, reviews, reports, news, all that jazz. :)

For more info, and to submit, click the link below!

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Godzilla Attacks!

Well not really, but I think some residents in Edgewood Florida are thinking that. Apparently several Monitor Lizards have been sighted. These are big and slightly dangerous lizards, and from what I know they are not native to Florida whatsoever. This amuses me greatly, but at the same time worries me. I am amused because of things like finding a lizard in your dryer (which happened) but worried because they could be breeding and spreading.


Original Story Found Here
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Whats This?

Ok, so, for those of you who know, I am starting to get into the bloggin thing. Recently, I decided that since I have a google/gmail account, I might as well check out their blogging system.

I found Blogspot! :D I am really impressed with it. It allows alot more functionality and such to what I can do.

HOWEVER! I am not abandoning Spirit of Silva or The Shiniest One!

These two blogs are for my personal life, sponsored stuff, and everything else that I feel like posting (meme's and the like)

My New blog is for a very specific purpose.

Its called One Angry Gamer and the whole point of it is for me to post gaming news, gaming information, and all things related to games. Console, PC, Tabletop, its all gonna be covered. I will also on occasion talk about Game Design and Board Games. If its a gaming thing, its going there.

Why is it called One Angry Gamer? Cause I can get pissed off sometimes :P

So please, check it out, fav it, or feed it! :D Also, anyone can comment, so you dont have to be registerd or anything ;)
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Sheriff's deputy shoots and kills six people...WTF

I heard about this on the news this morning, briefly, and decided to check it out.

I must say...what is the world coming to?! We have an off duty sherriff's deputy who goes and kills 6 people and wounds another this morning..and for what reason? We shall never know as he himself was killed by the Swat Team this morning while he apparently held people hostage.

A Photo of the Killer!

Provided from the story found At CNN.com/US

Does that look like the face of a cold blooded killer to you? It don't to me...but then again, half the time the scariest killers in the world are those you never expect. The victims apparently ranged from as young as 14 years old, all the way up to 20, and the shooter himself was 20 years old as well. Apparently the group had gathered for some sort of homecoming party with pizza and movies (always a good choice!) when the event occured.

What is going on, when a cop goes and just offs a bunch of people. Apparently he just stormed the party and opened fire on em at like 2:45 in the morning, and was killed later sunday when the SWAT team nailed him. He also had some sort of hostage.

What do you think about this...madness?
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Bungie is FREE!

As there is nothing ever to do at work, expect to see stuff written in both my journals about various news stories that I see either on CNN during break, or read about via one of the hundreds of news sites, in addition to my normal inane chatter :)

Today, we are gonna talk about this: Halo Games Maker to Be Independent of Microsoft

Ok, basically the article talks about how Bungie, makers of HALO, are now seperate once again from Microsoft. For the game industry this is a huge deal. Halo has been Microsofts XBOX CashCow. Anyone can see that, as millions upon millions of people play it. Heck, I am not a huge fan of it and I have played it split screen with friends. While the story of it may be lacking Halo is one of the first major console shooters that was this widely successful. Some say it is the ONLY one in fact.

Microsoft has given up something that is worth massive amounts of cash, simply by letting Bungie go. By doing this, Bungie can now develop games for any system without restriction, and can develop any game they choose. Bungie has always made quality games, and while its not my genre, every FPS they have done has been amazing. They incorporate very interesting elements into them..

Time will tell how this effects the gaming world.
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A Preview

I got so bored today, at work, that I decided that I wanted to write down the opening to "The Guardian", my NaNoWriMo project.

And here, for your pleasure, is what I have. Its about 300 words worth of stuff. I wanted to get this down so I have SOMETHING to go with, that way I don't feel like I dont have a beginning. I personally think that this is a very decent beginning in fact!   So here you are!

     The wind howled and whipped around the ledge on the mountainside, causing small flurries of snow and sleet to fly around the two men who stood facing each other. They were bloody, beaten, bruised, and one had several burns on his arms and clothing. They stood, panting in the cold, their breath forming small clouds of steam in front of them.
     “You can't win Gerrard. You know this.”
     “And neither can you Guardian! I have the vigor of youth on my side! Your body is wracked by age. You won't win and you know it. If you could, you would have beaten me by now.”
     The man known as the Guardian sighed, and glanced at his hands, wrinkled with age. He stared at his opponent. Gerrard stood confidently, his robes whipping in the wind, his hands at the ready. The wizard was good, and the Guardian knew it. But the Guardian knew something else as well, and it was with that thought that his plan was formed.
     “You are right Gerrard...I am old, and my time is due. But if I cannot survive this...neither shall you!” And with that, the Guardian focused his energy and slammed his fists into the ground, faster then Gerrard could react. A resounding crack followed, and the ledge began to quake. Gerrard stared at the old man.
     “What have you done?!”
     “Simple,” said the Guardian, “I have started a landslide. You cannot teleport, and your powers are drained enough that you cannot fly! We shall both die here, and the mountain shall be our tomb!”
     “You foolish old man!” However, before Gerrard could continue, the side of the mountain quaked, and rocks began to fall. Almost immediately after that, the ledge the two men stood on broke off, and began its fall down, taking the two men with it. The crash that followed as it impacted the ground hundreds of miles below echoed off the mountainside. Then, there was a bright flash of light, and then silence.

This has been crossposted to my other journal, The Spirit of Silva